Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On Being Nothing... An Avoidable Ontology...

Here I am represented only by my elusive nametag...

Can an avatar represent "nothing" while still leaving a basic (core) presence and personality intact? If an avatar becomes "invisible", is this invisibility merely an impure and illusory representation of the "pure" avatar form?

I purchased a cheap invisibility cloak for my avatar to see what such an experiment would look like...I guess wearing an invisibility cloak constitutes "cheating" but for now, I can at least examine what kind of virtual personality rezz-i-due remains...

There was a strange glitch in this cloak because sometimes the nametag above my head would also disappear and at other times, it would be partially visible.

I guess this is what a visualization of an avatar's "data-trail" would look like(?)

I am starting to think that maybe I had just purchased a cheap cloak...sigh!

If you know of an easy way that I can purchase a more robust cloaking device or, even better, convert my template body parts into invisiprims, please let me know!

Here I am trying (perhaps in vain) to discretely camoflage myself amongst a gray and rezzing space. For some reason - and I know this sounds rather ridiculous - but an "invisible" or "transparent" colour looks gray to me in my mind's eye. So part of my hypersubjective self is saying that my illusory invisibility and virtual "voidness" will be enhanced when lurking in gray spaces. This space after about 5 minutes of realtime data-caching, actually reveals a blue ornamented research lab complete with textured surveillance cameras... go figure!

About 20 minutes after this screenshot was taken, I bought a spherical cam-drone for myself in order to eventually become it - I wish to transform myself into an empirical measuring tool.

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